The bipartisan 2020 Presidential Election Task Force was formed to ensure that the priorities of our nation’s communities are discussed and uplifted during the 2020 presidential election.

The work local leaders and the President do together must be founded on respect, partnership, inclusion and accountability. Local elected officials want the President to join us in lifting up America’s political and policy discourse, looking for consensus, and forging bipartisan solutions.

Members of the Task Force were invited to participate because they had demonstrated years of vision as elected officials, working to build stronger communities, establishing policy solutions that address residents’ needs and strengthening local-federal partnership in their community and on Capitol Hill.

The Task Force went to work, sharing residents’ stories, discussing important issues, and highlighting their ideas – but always without compromising their greatest strength: diversity – geographic, demographic, political affiliation and by community size.

Together, the Task Force created The Leading Together 2020 Cities Agenda, which was first unveiled to over 4,000 local elected officials and municipal leaders at NLC’s annual City Summit conference in November 2019.

Taskforce Team Members



Ex-Officio Members