Leading Together
Leading Together

We are America’s local elected leaders

We are the voice of America’s cities, towns and villages, representing more than 200 million people. We are Republicans, Democrats and Independents. We may disagree on some issues, but we are united in the belief that our nation is strongest when all levels of government work together to protect and advance the priorities of America’s communities and their residents. We are committed to Leading Together.


Cities Agenda

The Leading Together Cities Agenda reflects an understanding of Americans’ top priorities and concerns. This is America’s agenda for a strong, safe and fair nation.


Tweet Your Candidate

The work starts here. Reach out to the presidential candidates and urge them commit to the Cities Agenda and with partnering with local leaders. Leading Together is about respect, partnership, inclusion & accountability.

Shared Values

As local leaders, we know that governing effectively is not just about what we do; it is also about how we get it done. We want to work with the President to bring a spirit of partnership to American politics and governance.

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