Candidate Commitments

Presidential candidates in 2020 are already committing to a vision for a stronger and more equitable America. The Cities Agenda can seamlessly fit into their visions.

Committing to the Cities Agenda is committing to the idea of Leading Together. Our nation’s communities want to work together with the President in 2020 to address the challenges in the platform. We can make progress and forward-thinking policy together, in the first 100 days of the administration.

A commitment from the candidates on the Cities Agenda is a start, but what America needs is its leaders to follow through. As local leaders, we understand that we are accountable for addressing the challenges confronting our communities.

We ask that the President and presidential candidates join us in delivering on promises made to America’s residents.



Commit Today

Candidates for the highest office in the land can commit to Leading Together by recording a 30 second video, detailing their commitment to America’s agenda and sharing any goals for working with local leaders in 2020 and beyond.

All candidate commitments will be featured on this page. Together, we can uplift the 2020 Cities Agenda during the 2020 presidential cycle. We want to hear from each of the campaigns on what they would do to work with cities, towns and villages to enact the Cities 2020 Agenda.

If you are from a campaign and would like more information on how to submit your commitment video, please enter your email and send us a message!